Friday, June 24, 2011

When you don't hire the right people and your area base is off

Research is so important. I wish I had spoken up in situations and really managed efficiently from the start. Study the areas, the people, the market. Don't set goals that are unreachable because de-motivation will be imminent! I found that out when placed in a position and I was given an impossible target which made me lose 20 kilograms due to stress! The more stress, the less positivity, the less positivity, the poorer the result! You start attracting negativity to everything!

Don't hire people who lack experience if you want quick results. Building a business takes time and it is not an over night process. You can't pressurize popularity, you will look desperate. Take your time, feel it, follow your gut and above all surround yourself with positivity and if there are negative results, you have to change what you are doing! If it's not working, change the plan but not the goal! If you want quick results then you have to be willing to pay a good salary to qualified sales person with ten years experience minimum! Even then, you still need the patience and understanding that trust is a huge value in the market place. Today there are way too many scam artists out there trying to make a quick buck and people are scared to just put their money into your bank account without clear affirmation that you will do what they have asked you to do. They need to know you for long enough to see the beauty in your ability! My husband has been a plumber for over 20 years with word of mouth only! It is the foundation of excellence over a number of years that has made him successful and always busy. It is his ability to be lenient on his price to suit the needs of the client. It is the years of foundation built on his business, it is his gut that he chose to follow that has made his business a success! It is a path, a journey that you embrace. It is not quick results and if it is that way, you might quickly crash. You need systems and tools to work well and build a solid business! I have learned this not from myself but from seeing the success and failures from businesses around me.

I am not one to listen to rules and I like to flow with my own ideas. When someone tells me I must go door to door to market them, I feel disgusted! I will not do that. I would rather create awareness. Build interest, slowly develop myself into something solid with a good foundation! You cannot just swing into a project without the correct foundations, goals and plans. Get advice from mentors! I find that most situations, people have tried to make me look bad by messing up a project that I am trying to create, make sure if you outsource that you can trust the people you outsource to.  Make sure most of all that you can trust your partners if you have any. Most of all, make sure you can trust your boss! They don't like to look less knowledgeable than you do. I follow my gut and when my boss does not want to follow my gut, I listen to my boss but if the project crashes, I cannot be held to blame. I can warn, I can suggest, I can try my best but I will not put the stress on myself if they will not be open minded to new innovative ideas to effectively create the idea.

If you need help, remember to ask! There is no shame in delegation or asking for help from someone with more knowledge and skill that you have. Be brave and risk embarrassment and foolishness. How will you ever learn if you are too afraid to take risks or make mistakes! Read on famous business people and gain all the mindsets that will free you into being more proactive. Read quotes to uplift you constantly and keep going!

Focus on the area you want to target. Who do you want to target? Why? Ask yourself every question you can and get into group discussions that will help benefit your current situation. Teach yourself new skills. Always be prepared to learn! Even if someone who you believe knows less than you do, the failure to hear their point of view could lead to a serious downfall, sometimes those people have better insight and could add value to your business! Don't assume that because they are uneducated and don't have a business degree that you know better! Nonsense! Don't get prideful and full of it, be open to learning but follow your gut! That's what I plan to do!

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