Friday, June 24, 2011

Social Media

I have been trying to advertise and market via social media. This is another blunder in a way, not that social media is bad for business but I will go into more detail shortly.

See, when you draw people to Facebook for example, you are drawing people to another company - Facebook!  Don't get me wrong, I love Facebook, but if you create all your business on facebook, you are taking away very important parts of Your business away. When you have a link saying, visit our facebook page, you are giving facebook a high five when in actual fact, you should be drawing people to Your Website!

Social media platforms have benefits but make sure that when you place something on facebook, you are drawing people to Your website! Your business neeeeeeds a website! I have people that make fantastic websites and this has been another blunder because I should pay money to professionals to Brand my business correctly! You cannot simply rely on social media for your business. You have to focus on your blog, website and your business. Use Facebook as a platform to draw people to your website but don't use your website to draw people to Facebook because that is why there is a recession, we are all spending way too much time on someone else's website! If you don't agree, that is fine but this is my case study so far and your business needs to be yours completely. You are sharing your contacts with everyone and Facebook is getting richer and richer while you are wondering why you are not getting any business.

Just a thought, use it don't lose it!

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