Friday, June 17, 2011

Blunder Number One

My biggest blunder comes from over excitement! I want to just get it all out there in the open with out much planning or thought. My over trust in people and my eagerness to share my ideas openly leaves me in a very fragile state. 

Everything you do, do it with much thought prior to action. It's pointless creating a business and advertising without a website or correct social connections. Failure to do so will leave you feeling exhausted when trying to sell your product. No matter how good you are telephonically or how educated you may sound you will still find yourself tongue tide without the correct foundations first.

Working as a manager for a business (unnamed) is a new, fresh, brand spanking new company that I have been trying to market and it offers everything! It offers mass exposure, it offers incredible service but what it cannot offer yet is the profound key feature that is needed in every business - TRUST. 

You cannot expect immediate results if you haven't been around long enough for people to trust you. Things don't just happen over night. I expect it to happen over night! I am roaring and ready to go but my petrol seems to be running low because I started the car without checking the oil, the water, the tires and I didn't fill the car first. Where does that leave a person? Stranded? No, if I persevere and be persistent, not all has failed.

I am a dreamer, a hopeful, a person who was told she was a failure all her life to wake up and realize, no, I am a genius because I am not afraid of people. I trust them and therefor they should eventually trust me. I am busy thinking of ideas at eleven o'clock at night trying to think of ways to better my service. Surely that is not failure. 

If everything does fall apart, I know that in essence this was just a learning curve. Since I didn't have the help of having a business degree, i will have to learn the hard way by trial and error and I must not be afraid to make mistakes. How do I make it happen when the world tells me I can't? That's easy, all I need to do is believe in myself!

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