Friday, June 24, 2011

Fear Not Wilhelmina

You know in Ugly Betty, Wilhelmina is the nasty, controlling person in the office that everybody fears. I say, embrace her. I had a Wilhelmina in my work place once. I was petrified of her, I hated her but in the end, she was the most inspirational person. I learnt everything I know from her. I learned how to be pedantic, detailed and organized. I always thought she picked on me but she was really giving me constructive criticism that gave me the power to move forward.

If you find that you are battling to like your boss, just look at him or her from a different light and see how things change. You will find that you walk away with more experience and that you have gained so much from your boss. 

I fear no one now thanks to her! She has given me the confidence to make mistakes and learn from them. She has empowered me to be myself. My heart used to palpitate ridiculously every time I was around her but in the end she is just a person trying to do her job. I appreciate what role she played in my life! I owe her gratitude for being my Wilhelmina! Absorb information! It is the best way to learn!

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