Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Be Teachable - Team work

Your attitude determines your future. If you are teachable, you will soar! Be part of the team and try to integrate yourself with the people you work with. You might not like everyone you work with and office politics can be quite an issue but suck up your emotions and learn as much as possible. Smile when you don't feel like smiling but be real and honest as well. I find that EQ is as important as IQ. Emotional intelligence is an important part of developing yourself in the work environment. Allow yourself to be brave. 

I had to deal with a lot of office politics but in the end as many times as I felt like running out of the office and never coming back, I had to stick to my duties! Your role is important, just focus on that and don't let anyone get you off track. Focus on your prize, focus on your goal and don't let anyone deter you from being where you want to be. If people speak badly of you in your work environment, hush! Don't go tittle telling to your boss about this person that hurt you. Let me give you an example:

There were two people who were on a drive to get me down. They were determined to make me look bad. There was much gossip about me and a few times I had to walk into the manager's office because they had told the manager about all the mistakes I made. I knew who they were and I knew why they had falsely accused me. I didn't tell the boss,"oh no, it wasn't me, it was them." Instead, I nodded my head, apologised and went on my way and carried on with my duties. I know all things that need to be exposed will be and I do not have to fall to their standard. I am sure the manager is smart and I am very confident in my own abilities. I didn't have to bad mouth them or expose their deeds, that is up to good old Karma. 

Allow yourself to embrace your situation and ask,"what can I learn from this?"

Team work and being teachable will get you very far. If you come into the office with a smile on your face and you don't allow the people to break you down, you will be fine! Don't sulk! Go with your gut! Trust in the obstacles that you face and know that this is something you can learn from. Good Luck!

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