Monday, August 8, 2011

The word Serendipity

I requested on Facebook for words as inspiration for my book. The first suggestion was the word, Serendipity. It's not a word easily understood. The more I look into the word, the more I see that my life has actually been based on it. Pieces of the puzzle come together. In hindsight, you always see the serendipity of it. I still need to gain real understanding of the word and I have quite a lot of investigating to do but thanks to my brother for giving me a word, I have something to learn.

The meaning of it: A very good coincidence, often leading to something really awesome.
It was serendipity that I put one quarter in the gumball machine and three came out. :-)

It's about happy discoveries along the way. Knowing that the journey you are on has a way of bringing events to you that you never really planned for, life has a purpose, there are parts of your life that have meaning and life will show you if you are open to it. When you look at life through serendipitous eyes, life seems to unveil great mysteries. Life is beautiful but your mind, soul and body must see it that way. You have to be in agreement and align yourself to the right kind of thinking to have a life filled with serendipity! That is my life. My husband cannot take it sometimes because so many good things continually come to me. Even if I am playing a computer game, by "luck" I'll beat him without a flicker because part of me knows that serendipity is on my side. I am very fortunate. Everything around me is a blessing. Even the hard times have a sweet serendipity to it, everything is meant to be and a lot of it starts with belief systems in your mind. 

See your life as exciting and exciting things will happen. You have to open your mind to it. It's my new favourite word. I have three favourite words: Namaste being my first! 
Desiderata being my second and Serendipity is my third favourite word. There is power in all those three words, live by them and soar!

Your life is valuable. When you see the value in everything, in every experience, everything changes. Loving the joyride people, I am simply loving it!

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