Friday, June 24, 2011

always follow your passion

If there is one thing I know with all of my heart, if you are not passionate about a project that you are doing, you are doomed! You have to believe in what you are doing! You have to trust in what you are doing and you have to trust yourself that you are doing it for the right reasons. Trust yourself that you can do it!

I will never again in my life let someone force an idea on me. I will always follow my passion and do what I know best! It is pointless trying to do something that you don't believe in and it is pointless trying to do something you know you cannot do. You will depress yourself! You will be taking anti depressants before you know it if you allow other people's dreams to invade your own!

I will get into this more over time as this blog is literally 2 days old but all in all your heart and your head must be in alignment otherwise you will hit your head against many brick walls.

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