Thursday, June 16, 2011

Do your Research

Experience is a wonderful thing! I started working for a company as a sales representative. One week after starting my job there, the other sales representatives quit within the first week, leaving me with all the responsibility. I was proud of it, chuffed! I was made sales manager after two weeks thinking, wow, I must be good. The only thing I really is that I was not good, I was a beginner who didn't see the signs of a mistake in the making. I learnt from it though! My pride in being sales manager made me lose sight of the real issues in the business that I was working for.

I did not research the company I was working for. I went in blindsighted and I hit my head against so many brick walls. I was doing well in sales, I was creating relationship with my clients, I was doing my job for a company that didn't respect my efforts. Within three weeks of working there I was told that the company had run out of running costs and they could not pay me. They still haven't paid me. I forked out so much money visiting clients, petrol costs that in one month I lost a lot of money instead of gaining money. My need to excell without knowing what my true passion was, led me to fall flat on my face.

I won't sue the guy, I believe that it was a learning curve and I'm okay with that. So in future, I will research a company before actually deciding to work for them. How well are they known? what is their reputation amongst clients? How do they treat their employees? Do they pay their employees? I won't be in such a rush to work for just any company again but the thing is I think I may have made the same mistake twice.

People like to steal ideas and without the resources to protect your ideas, you become a chicken running around without a head. Money should never be the focus of climbing a ladder, it should be about purpose! Questions like,"why am I here?" should be the primary objective in all adventures. This is my university, since I never had money to go to university, all mistakes will guide me to where I need to go.

See, I am a perfectionist and now I am working where I believe in certain things and I have to keep my mouth shut until the right time comes. This world is unkind and it's people are jealous of any success you may have but you have to trust something higher than yourself to protect you against the wolves out there. Learning from not doing effective research of a company should be key before anything. Know how good you are, know what you have to offer and don't let anyone make you stop pressing on towards your goals.

I have been offered to represent a lot of companies but I am going to stick to my passions and will represent my passion and see where that takes me. Be bolder in your approach and don't let anyone make you feel less than what you are. You are a genius if you allow yourself to think it! Let people teach you, take the good and reject the bad. I am blessed to have a whole lot of mentors in my life. This is a journey and where ever it takes me, I hope to learn more and more. Research is so important, don't just go in blind sighted. You must stand your ground in all circumstances even if your boss thinks he or she is bigger or better than you, stay true to yourself always!

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