Friday, June 24, 2011

Issues with trust

One of the biggest things I am learning at this very moment is my over eagerness to trust people. I easily take on a project without signing contracts. 

It is a mark of prudence never to trust wholly in those things which have once deceived us. ~ Descartes

The thing is I want to base my life on trusting people but when it is broken and suddenly the story changes, my motivation to go out there and get the job done minimizes because I am very aware that there is deception and it becomes incredibly difficult for me to put my total energy into a project when I know that the person I am doing the project for has lost my trust.
I easily am taken advantage of but I trust the universe speaks to me in such a way that whatever does happen, I am in good hands! I always end up carrying a load that I shouldn't be carrying. Recently my husband and I had a huge argument as he spotted that I had fallen back into my old ways of focusing more on my work than my family. I want to please everyone and I end up overworking and burning out. 

The first story I can tell you when it all started was that I was given my job post with my job description but suddenly without a contract, the boss decides to add to my job description without the pay. My husband warns me, "Dee my darling, you are getting nothing out of this and this is not what your job description entails and we have lost you because you are permanently on your phone and your pc." After much thought, I wake up to realise he is actually right (damn I hate admitting it) but I know more than anything that my husband has my best interest at heart and I trust him with all I am! So immediately I let my boss know that I am cutting down on responsibilities and I feel like I am on top of the world, doing what I am meant to do, not what people tell me to do!

I always find it easy to do something when the heart talks more than the head and I'll stay there! My own personal success depends on my own guidance. It does not revolve around people who claim to know more than me, who want to bring me down and have me carrying a weight that they themselves should be carrying. 

Blunder no 2... make sure you sign a contract! Don't be a fool, no one is your real friend in business! I don't care how good that person might have been to you in the past. People have ulterior motives and they will take advantage! Protect yourself at all costs because your brain is precious, what you have to offer is of value. Don't ever let someone underestimate or lower your value! I am learning this now! Don't make the mistakes I have made!

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