Monday, July 18, 2011

Help Someone

The biggest gift you can give to yourself is to lend a helping hand. Help the less fortunate, help with job creation and give!

The moment you stop thinking about yourself and start thinking about future generations, life starts to make sense. Amazing things start to happen when your heart and mind and soul is shifted to a greater purpose than yourself. 

There are many different ways to help someone in need, it can be the tiniest little thing. I know I have been helped in so many ways and more! Pay it forward, keep the love going and you will soar!


One of the things I'm not proud of is my lack of finding out the details and then just assuming I know everything. I assume without clear research and that is a serious downfall of mine. I'm not upset about it as the only way to learn in life is to make mistakes but I still assume quite a lot without properly evaluating a situation or person for that matter. 

Life lessons come in all forms and I have had to learn the hard way but I am excited that at least I can see my errors. I assume something and then just write about it for the public to read without doing effective research and that is a big blunder of mine. Thankfully I did eventually see my error and quickly corrected it. I still have a long way to go in the University of life but I am enjoying every minute of it. 

As the old saying goes," if you assume, you make an ass out of you and me" 

Do your research and get that interview first before thinking you know everything! Talk to people that know about the subject first. Be brave and just do it!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

deprogramming - a snippet from my book

Deconstruction and deprogramming: a way to allow your heart to guide you instead of opinions!

Before I go on let me warn you. Do not go onto the internet or read books on deprogramming. This will not help you in any way possible! This will in fact make things worse.  If you have already, then you understand why you are already confused.

Lets do the definition first:

Deprogramming refers to actions that attempt to force a person to abandon allegiance to a religious, political, economic, or social group. Methods and practices typically involve violent kidnapping and coercion. Similar actions, when done without force, are called "exit counselling".
I am not talking about deprogramming a serious cult person. I am talking about the day to day growing up.  It takes constant deprogramming from societies ideas that were imposed on you in your childhood, you have to let it go and start again.

The best way to deprogram yourself is silence. No.. I am not talking about going into the wilderness and doing a Ghandi experience. I am talking about staying away from books and focus on your heart. You might go through some serious emotions but focus and trust that whatever happens, you will be okay!  I prefer to call it deconstruction because not everything that you have learned gets tossed away. Your mind is simply pulled apart and rebuilt. I am no pro at this, I am merely writing from my own personal experience. 

deconstruction - a philosophical theory of criticism (usually of literature or film) that seeks to expose deep-seated contradictions in a work by delving below its surface meaning
philosophy - the rational investigation of questions about existence and knowledge and ethics
philosophical doctrine, philosophical theory - a doctrine accepted by adherents to a philosophy
literature - creative writing of recognized artistic value

Try not to read a self help book for at least two years. 
Silence the opinion of others until you develop your own. 

There is not much more to say in this area but I won’t because I don’t want to lure you towards my way of thinking. I’m simply showing you my own experience. This is not an overnight process. Healing is not instant. Be patient with yourself and go with the flow. Enjoy life and don’t take things seriously. You will not die from developing your own mind. As scary as it may seem, your mind has this amazing ability to reboot with new information-real, authentic, heart driven information. It can delete old ways of thinking and upload new ways of thinking that aligns yourself to your heart. I remember thinking that I was going crazy but now I feel a sense of achievement because I let go of all of the little voices and heard myself think. Every now and then I fall back and then I remind myself to bounce back into what is real for me.

Try not to watch too much television and opt for music that calms you. Go camping and find truth in the outdoors. Throw yourself into nature and true friends who have always been there for you. Get rid of the fake friends who constantly bombard you with opinions. Take time to inhale and exhale. Learn to love yourself and before you know it, the world will make sense again.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Pay your employees

I think the hardest thing for me was when I worked for a company that didn't pay me. In essence, no I won't sue them, that is not my style. The one thing that is certain is that the company that didn't pay me will ultimately not succeed. Their name is now torn down and I don't need to sue them because the damage is already being done. I don't expect them to pay me, If they have not paid me yet, I doubt they will pay me. I mentioned it to close friends and that is all it takes. News spreads like wild fire and if you are not paying your employees, don't expect silence!

When your employees are unhappy, if you treat them badly, if you don't pay them, your business is at stake. I remember working for a company where the bosses where very mean to their employees and the word spreads whether I spread it or someone else does and outsiders see it! They were very unhappy with me because I stood up for myself when I felt abused. If your employees are working hard and you still mistreat them, your business is not going to flourish! It is far better to encourage your employees than to puff yourself up and belittle their efforts. This one lady that worked with me was the target of a lot of female hatred. All the sales reps gave her such a hard time when all this lovely lady was doing was trying her best. She always came to work very miserable because she knew the kind of office environment she was heading towards. I felt for her because she was so young and these older ladies were really nasty to her. I don't know how well that office is doing right now but I don't think it's a happy office environment. Business goes sour when the employees are sour. 

Remember the people behind the scenes that make your office shine everyday. Don't forget the important role they play in your business. Treat them with respect and honour! If you have an unhealthy office environment, you are in trouble and you need to work on making sure your employees are happy. They are the foundation of you earning money at the end of every month and without them, your business will not have the strength to flourish. I am not all knowledgeable but there is something I know about offices and how they operate and I know that an atmosphere is strong and if your office has a cold atmosphere due to office politics, you are in trouble! Work on team building efforts and order pizza for the office every now and then. Make your employees feel like family. They are important, make sure that message is carried across. Don't be unapproachable either. Who said you are higher than your employee? Your employee is also a person with feelings, remember that! Remain humble!

Make sure their job description is their job description. Don't make them run around for other people that they end up doing their colleagues duties. I was so soft back then and if anyone told me to do something for them I would and I ended up doing most of what other employees should have been doing. Allow your employee the freedom to say no when a colleague pushes on duties that are not part of the job description. There will be a lot of resentment built up if not dealt with soon. To manage means managing the people around you as well and if you have no back bone to stand up to certain people taking advantage of others, you will have employees leaving over and over again. You will hire a new employee and still they will quit because you are not paying attention. It's easy to quit. I am the kind of person that will point out issues. I don't quit thankfully, I stay but there are a lot of people that don't or can't handle it when a manager cannot solve the issues that are clear to everyone. 

If you have a difficult employee, explain the situation to them. Understand their issues but bring across the message of what business is. Make them feel important, make them feel a part of the team. For example there was a lady in one of the offices I worked for, let's call her "Goliath". Goliath was very loud, full of herself, wasn't a manager but loved bossing other people around. Goliath loved making the employees feel small and incompetent. She would shout and swear at them. Even if the employee was double her age, a factory worker who dedicated his life to the company for years, Goliath was twenty something but would get away with plain rudeness and would easily belittle who he was as a person. No one stood up to her. Three employees quit within a few months. Who was the problem? Was it the employees that were quitting or was it that no one stood up to Goliath? Poor managing skills will directly hurt your business. A happy business is one where there is much respect for everyone! Respect and care for those who make sure they come to work everyday. If they aren't respected, they will arrive to work late, they will not be eager or passionate about their work. I've seen it too many times! Get a team building expert in and solve issues quickly! Don't delay it!